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Time & Space

We are already moving quickly through 2024 into February, and December disappeared, full of family and little writing. Do you ever contemplate time and space? I do and hear from time to time that there is no such thing as time and space except on planet Earth. It’s hard to rationalize this with days, weeks, minutes and seconds defining our busy schedules. And then memories crop up or Google photos pop on our phones reminding us that years have passed.

A few occurrences have brought time and space to my attention again. The James Webb Telescope is working far into outer space and bringing pictures of places even scientists find hard to understand. The science behind the James Webb Telescope is different from the Hubble Telescope. It gathers light and images on mirrors and processes them through the mirrors to one of four different infrared options to see the images. It then chooses the best process to record it. This telescope can capture deep space images that occurred up to 13.5 billion years ago. Due to these images, physicists will revisit their assumptions about the Big Bang and how the universe started. The James Webb telescope allows us to see an area of the universe that is probably one-millionth of what exists. This is a definite paradigm shift as we can now see how small, actually tiny, Earth is in the vast skies. You can read more about this work if you are interested at or

Another thing happening is that scientists who work with particles are discovering huge new particles are showing up in our solar system. In November 2023, a very large particle fell to Earth from an area outside of our galaxy that appears to be empty and without the energy to produce this particle. They named this particle Amaterasu after the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology. According to Hannah Devlin, Science correspondent for The Guardian, “this particle is one of the highest energy cosmic rays detected.” She goes on to explain that “the Amaterasu particle has an energy exceeding 240 exa-electron volts (EeV), millions of times more than particles produced in the Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful accelerator ever built, and equivalent to the energy of a golf ball travelling at 95mph. It comes only second to the Oh-My-God particle, another ultra-high-energy cosmic ray that came in at 320 EeV, detected in 1991.” Scientists are seeing particles that come from outside our galaxy, suggesting that the speed we know in physics is changing. What we know about the makeup of our world and how it came to be is changing. So time and space are shifting.

Were you aware of the Congressional interviews about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) in July, 2023? Three men, two retired Navy officers and the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace testified of known alien presences in and around American air space, and about crashed vessels and non-human biologics. They had proof and existing histories that the United States has had ongoing knowledge and interactions with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). This information is directly from the testimonies of these three men, which you can see on YouTube. They indicated that these visits are upon us and we may have direct communication with them in the near future.

With these three happenings alone, I feel time collapsing and space broadening. It’s a broadened mindset to place these subjects in the same thoughts with my two tiny grandsons who are just discovering our world. Then again, they may be the generation that meets with aliens and travels to their planets and galaxies. I hope we will have a chance to witness this! Happy 2024 with wishes for excellent health and joy! I’ll keep in touch!



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