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Good Memory Provides Emotional Security. Improve Your Memory, Feel More Present in Your Daily Life with the Tomatis Method

Len Young is a Level 4 Tomatis® Consultant with 26 years’ experience, offering Tomatis programs at a distance.

Is Your Memory Challenging You? The Tomatis Method® can help.

Memory can fade for many reasons from concussions to exposure to loud sounds, emotional trauma or to illness as some examples. Dr. Alfred Tomatis locates one source of memory loss in your ears and hearing. The Tomatis Method retrains your hearing through air conduction, producing clarity of thought and resulting in better memory.

This Gentle Tomatis Sound Training Program improves memory.

You listen for one to two hours per day to Mozart and other classical composers, to a program individually designed for you to take in your home. Listen with your coffee in the morning, or in the late afternoon, as your schedule allows, and fine tune your hearing and memory.

Learn More

about how the Tomatis Method works or contact Dr. Young for a free information conversation.

What Some Tomatis Method Clients Have to Say

“One day when shopping, I recalled where I had parked my car – the first time I could remember directions in years!”

— Frances, age 52

“My mind is sharper, recalling easily my schedule for the day, who to phone, what I have to do. I am more efficient and I feel happy that I’m thinking better.”

— Jean, age 58

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