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Learning and Attention

There are solutions to solve learning and developmental challenges in your children! Proactive parents and adults can address the root cause of many learning and attention struggles. Improved auditory processing strengthens attention, focus, comprehension, and memory, often solving learning issues.


Len Young expands the reach of this method throughout the Sun states, applying her proven skills to attend to client needs.

Your child—or you yourself—can reach your unrealized learning potential!  The Tomatis Method retrains the middle ear muscles and initiates a reaction through the Vestibule/Cochlea nerve that energizes the brain and many areas of the body. With a globally broadcasted application, the Tomatis work stimulates the brain, providing possibilities to improve many areas of human function, especially learning and attention.

Through natural ear function, the auditory pathway increases processing allowing the brain and the body to work in tandem. We see students change their attitudes and engage in learning. Their lives become easier and their self-esteem and confidence grow.

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