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Bring Joy and Pleasure to Your Days. Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Your Life and for Your Family.

Len Young is a Level 4 Tomatis® Consultant with 26 years’ experience, offering Tomatis programs at a distance.

The Tomatis® Method retrains your ears and brain by gently relaxing your nervous system. With this noninvasive sound training, your body responds to improved hearing, improved understanding of stimulation, and you relax. You find a more peaceful daily existence.

The Tomatis Method helps rediscover joy in life, access abilities to learn, open listening pathways.

Teens, children and even adults face fears and anxiety in today’s world. The Tomatis program works with individual needs to reduce anxiety by retraining your ears to hear more efficiently through air conduction. It works on balance in your body resulting in a happier and more joyful approach to living.

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about how the Tomatis Method works or contact Dr. Young for a free information conversation.

What Some Tomatis Method Clients Have to Say

“For the first time in my life, I have almost no anxiety. My husband wants to know what’s wrong – why my fingers aren’t tapping all the time and why I take breaths between sentences!” 

— Barbara, lifetime ADHD, age 50

“Mary actively participates in conversations with friends now and is a much happier girl.”

— Mother of Mary, age 12

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