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Take Your Future in Hand – a sort of personal map

Len Young has unique skills and gifts to assist you in changing your life.


You are in charge of your life. Sometimes it feels like you are being led, but you are always leading. You choose your path, come to splits in your journey and choose another path, and carry on in the directions you choose. Always, you have choices and make decisions. Always, you create your life. You may feel you are idle, have no direction. This idleness is a direction. Your action moves you forward.


Len offers a unique process that allows you to consider your choices. It gives you a chance to review choices and consider new ones. You may revisit parts of your life or leave them behind. You may see experiences in a different light. You create a journey map, your personal Myth Map, a personal timeline from birth to beyond today. It contains dreams. It is a dream. You see your life through your current lens, as the person whose wisdom informs your thoughts and emotions today. You recognize your own intuition and count on it to propel you forward.

The result is a new look at your life, clear thoughts for your road ahead, and directions you want to take. We will find them together. This process is available for individuals and groups. We will meet on Zoom until it is easier to meet in person.

Consensus Direction

Dr. Young’s PhD is in Cultural Mythology with an Emphasis in Depth (Jungian) Psychology. She is aware of established cultural lenses in groups and communicates with groups to understand opposing or differing views providing ways to work towards agreement.

In our rushed lives, with our aging parents, or with multiple choices for education today, we can easily miss perspectives that differ from individuals, family and friends. A third party can help move through discussions, listening for each voice, hearing needs and working to solutions.

Dr. Young has worked with families and students to find successful learning outcomes. She has introduced new perspectives related to the ear and its vital place in human development. This non-cognitive physiological approach invites professional educators to think differently and observe their students with new eyes.

As a community volunteer, Len has lead diverse discussions to a compromise or consensus view, moving participants towards positive future action. Some decisions are challenging. Len takes a high plain where respect and honor are valued and integrity maintained.

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