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Auditory Processing is Vital to Everyday Living and Learning.

Auditory Proccessing

Auditory Processing is the body’s system to take in information, hear a person’s voice, understand what is being said, and choose where the information goes, into memory or to provide language to give feedback. It is the circle of communication through the body’s auditory pathway. This pathway begins in the ear, moves into the brain and in a circle of communication, completes the path in your voice or your brain’s understanding of what is being said.

The Tomatis Method® improves auditory processing, easily and simply

Through an energetic sound training program, the Electronic Ear retrains your ears to optimal listening. The sounds you hear are processed more efficiently. You realize you are communicating more easily, staying awake in school, focusing on what is being said, and retaining what you are hearing, all with little effort.

Tomatis training has been known to help and improve auditory processing, attention, autism, regulation, sensory issues, emotional intelligence, memory, focus, speech, language, reading, writing, penmanship, receptive and expressive language,
Communication, relationships, anxiety, stress, eye contact, balance, ability to play sports, movement, executive function, social integration and sleep.

Len Young is a Level 4 Tomatis® Consultant with 27 years’ experience, offering Tomatis programs at a distance.

For students, grades improve, friendships form, life is easier.

The Tomatis Method strengthens hearing through air conduction, increasing focus, attention, memory and general communications. You will see your child pay more attention, accomplish more learning, feel a growth in self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve accomplishments.

Contact Dr. Len Young for a free 15-30 minutes conversation to find out if the Tomatis Method can help you or your child improve your auditory processing.


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What Some Tomatis Method Clients Have to Say

After the first thirty hours of listening, Peter’s teacher reported that Peter could stay in his seat and complete his seat work. It’s the first time in his school career.

Mother of Peter, 4th Grade

Mary actively participates in conversations with friends now and is a much happier girl.

Mother of Mary, age 12

When we first met, Daniel only looked at the ground. Sound was too chaotic for him to keep his balance. Now he looks me in the eye when we speak. I see who he is.

Len Young, PhD,
about Daniel, age 14

I walked in to say good night to my son to find he had picked up a book on his own and was reading. This is the first time in his life he has done that!

Mother of John, age 14

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