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The Tomatis® Intensive Training Program 

Dr. Young offers the Tomatis® Method in a portable program that can be taken in your home or office. You begin with an Initial Assessment (IA) and consultation with Dr. Young who is a Level 4 Registered and Certified Tomatis Consultant (RCTC).


The initial program can be taken in two or three intensives of seven to 15 days. The original Tomatis® Method protocol is 15 days per session for the first session, now with options for 15 or 13 days or customized length depending on the presenting situation for second and third sessions. It requires listening daily for one to two hours per day. And additional listening intensives are added where necessary for seven, eight or fifteen days.

Programs are priced in a similar way to therapies though Tomatis is paid by intensive unless arranged differently, providing affordable access to the Tomatis Method. It is generally a privately paid fee in the United States as an education program. There are some businesses that offer educational funds as a benefit for client families. If your company offers this benefit, check with them for access to these funds.

Course Duration

Initial Program is up to 60 or 90 hours. For example, 60 hours spread over 8 weeks, 90 hours spread over 16 weeks. Boosts are available after a month’s break from the final listening session.


Costs range from $42 to $54 per hour

30 hours, First and second 15 days, 26-30 hours, $1260 
Boost of 7 days, up to 14 hours, $750

Boost of 8 days, up to 16 hours, $850

Initial Assessment: $200, for one to one and a half hours

There are alternative programs and pricings we can discuss so please contact Dr. Young to find out more about these and other programs available.

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