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Intuitive Mentoring

Len Young hears clearly through intuitive listening. She helps you listen to your own inner voice and those voices that are here to guide you on your path, teaching you to hear your own intuition. Life is an exciting and constant choice – who to love, where to work, how to address relationships, do our children need guidance, am I being wise about my health, shall I move? We have strong instincts that guide our decisions, our hopes and dreams. Dr. Young shows you how to open to your choices.

From adults to siblings, parents and friends, Len offers a connection as she listens with clarity for seen and unseen guidance to bring peaceful action to your world. She addresses health, relationships, careers, abundance, where you live, your direction in life, and other questions you bring to the private phone or Zoom session. Intuitive mentoring helps you access your own intuition to make life choices and shift paths.

Len has a gift for listening and hearing your thoughts, thoughts from other spheres, and even thoughts from other times, past and future. Your experience can be fun, enlightening and hopeful.

One hour one person private conversation:


One hour conversation, two people: 


Group gathering for three, one hour: 


Group gathering for four or more, one hour:


Celebrate with a friends gathering. Ask how that will work and the time you will need.


One hour one person private conversation:                                  $250

One hour conversation, two people:                                               $125/person

Group gathering for three, one hour:                                              $85/person

Group gathering for four or more, one hour:                                 $65/person

Celebrate with a friends gathering. Ask how that will work and the time you will need.

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Success Stories

Ashley Blackmon, San Francisco, CA
I have worked with Len Young for many years and if you are considering a session or reading with her, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is intuitive, clear, compassionate, and accurate. I still remember my first session with Len, and I will admit I was open-minded but also skeptical. During that session her warmth and compassion set me at ease, her thorough process and willingness to discuss any subject removed any fears of judgment, and her ability to know things that I've never shared with anyone was uncanny. If you're looking for someone who can create and hold a space that is inviting, open, and healing, look no further. Len has a deep well of natural abilities and healing modalities that she calls upon in sessions and working with her has helped me navigate life changes and take a fresh perspective on my relationships, work, community, and my own self-care. In short, working with and knowing Len has changed my life for the better.

Krystal Mullin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Len's advice and guidance has provided me with clarity and hope. Over the last few years, I have been going through some pretty stressful things, including moving countries, changing jobs and getting divorced. Len has helped me unpack my experiences (and my feelings surrounding them) in a way that grounds me.

Her presence in my life tethers me to my own purpose. She reminds me of my power, and she helps me find a greater understanding of my own life. With Len's help, I have found a serene calm and greater knowing. She holds a mirror up so I can see myself, but she also points my sightline beyond the mirror - to a place where my light needs no reflection.

Linda Suddarth, Dallas, TX
Len tunes into my spirit guides and imparts powerful information for me. Once she told me who each of my guides were who surrounded me. They were all Native American except for one who was a yellow Labrador Retriever. I was so moved because I’ve always felt close to Native Americans and also to animals. It was like coming home.

Once I was part of a group in which she did a journey of guided imagination. We traveled to see the Star People. There I connected with a magical person I had met before in Edinburgh and suspected then that he was part fairy and part star person. I found it very synchronistic that as I realized myself as a star person in the process of incarnating for this lifetime, that he would be part of my spirit team giving me tools for my tool bag. These are the kind of soul connections that Len provides in her readings.

In Groups

Mary L. Holden, Phoenix, AZ
Expertise as a facilitator of group meditations is one of the stars in Len Young's circle of talents. Her intuitive abilities and communication skills combine in the gentle strength in her voice as she takes clients through shared meditations where all come away with insights both practical and mystical. She is as trustworthy, intelligent, and compassionate as she is wise. 

Helen Shymanski, Charleston, SC
Len has always been a wonderful “connector”, a connector of people, information, friendship, growth and the loving Spirit. The metaphysical meditation she has shared in groups that I have attended is but one way she shares her gift of heart, passion for personal and universal consciousness expansion.

Mimi Haley, Greensboro, VT
Dr. Young offers her own brand of leadership offerings.

Her ability to achieve results through a carefully curated collection of exercises is useful for adults and children. The rare gift of deep listening is her key to success and she has the ability to hand you those keys.

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