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For love of listening

Welcome to my new blog: For love of listening.

Why am I writing a blog? For a full lifetime of experiences and with adventures and travel, I have created a web that stretches around the world. Many people in our current cultures have the same sort of experience – a big web that reaches many continents. On any given day, I can end my day talking with a friend in the Pacific Northwest, or a client in Los Angeles, start my next day on the US East Coast with family or clients, and speak with colleagues in the UK or the Tomatis office in Luxembourg, or join a webinar a colleague gives in Australia. I read posts on various social media from colleagues in Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, and New York, jumping time zones easily and with joy. I like being in touch with so many people around the world and hearing how their days are going, knowing that everyone has similar challenges, joys and life experiences.

So I am going to share mine with you with the invitation for you to engage and respond for others to see how you live, what you are doing, how you care for your health, your mind and spirit, your body. What new tools have you found to improve your life? How are you addressing your parents’ care, your children’s education, their health? What are your dreams? No matter your age, you have dreams. I have

many dreams of how to create and live in my life. What are yours at 25, 55 or 90? What parts do the dreams play in our lives? Are you a half empty or half full glass person? How does that influence your daily thoughts and decisions? These are questions I have considered over time affecting my actions.

The internet has given us a gift of hearing from those who seem so distant yet live similar lives. The idea of age is changing rapidly as people are living longer. What looked like 50 in the 1950s looks like 75 or 80 today. And friends who are single at 73 are marrying again with plans for a long life together. As a matter of fact, relationship ages are much more flexible today. Two good female friends are married to partners who are four and 8 years younger than they are. My daughter and her partner are 10 years apart. My son and his wife work out regularly, as do her parents who walk miles a day, as do I. Exercise is not only common, but a healthy “long life” needs if it is possible. Our bodies ask for it when we can. People create physical therapies for those who have to exercise differently.

As our bodies want the best fuel to function, our minds and hearts seek answers, they want joy and peace. How do we bring that into our daily lives and dwell in our ever-changing world? I’ll delve into metaphysics as my life is entwined in curiosity of the universe, what lives around us and what affects us from afar. Does anything? Carl Jung wrote a book on visitors from outer space, what the human mind embraces or creates. There are increasing questions of visitors from space, according to believable sources. Do you watch the stars, the planets when they are closer to Earth?

At the same time, we continue to have small children struggle to learn, to engage in our world, to live easily and become part of our society. Some have bodies that do not function in a typical way. If we can imagine Star Trek and Superheroes, can we not work out a way to solve physical ills? I think we can and are in the process of doing it. Our world is full of wonder. I’ll listen and bring you some of what I see and hear so you can see and hear in your world. Listen carefully. You may find a surprise you can use for your own life.


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